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A site-qualified and
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Construction Composites have a long and successful record of trading within the construction industry, having collaborated with many clients on a range of projects, both new build and refurbishment. Exterior and interior works have been undertaken in the residential, commercial and leisure sectors.

Bespoke Gutters

Composites provide the ideal guttering solution with the ability to form any shape in a range of colours with a structural integrity that will outperform most conventional solutions.

These attributes make it the perfect choice for hidden, seamless or decorative guttering. Composites are capable of mimicking traditional materials with the option to use a variety of stone, metal or pigment finishes to meet specific needs.

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Bespoke projects

We can undertake bespoke projects.

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Using an innovative approach, combining powdered metals with a carrier, Construction Composites has developed a range of metal coatings for GRP.

The benefits are many; it is lightweight, the cost of the metal is kept to a minimum and the finished product has no value to a scrap metal merchant. As real metals are incorporated into the composite, the coatings will oxidise and patinate just like the original.

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