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Innovative product development gives our clients an advantage
Tailoring bespoke composites solutions to clients needs
Innovative product development gives our clients an advantage
Developing collaborative partnerships to drive innovation

A specialist composites product manufacturer delivering knowledge, innovation and practical solutions through collaborative commitment to the Construction, Rail and Utilities.

We have over 30 years’ experience of matching the versatility of thermoset composite materials with our clients’ technical requirements.

Whatever the challenge, we can design and manufacture a composite solution that blends strength and reliability with exceptional design, truly combining function with form.

Bring us your problem, we’ll use our
experience to find the effective solution.

Why choose Composites?

Composites materials have considerable attractions:
  • Light, strong and versatile
  • Durable, robust, chemical and corrosion resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Magnetic / electrical resistant
  • Recyclable
  • Pre-fabricated off-site
  • Used to strengthen existing structures
  • Graffiti proof coatings available
  • Able to be textured to provide a range of surface finishes, including metallic and stone effects
  • Low maintenance
  • May be produced from natural sources.